Born in 1980, Somiedo
Chief Executive Officer — Zapiens
Econologist — Institute of Econology

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Dogs smell…We give people labels.

Daniel Suárez

Communication begins in the receptor’s brain, not in the mouth of the speaker.

Daniel's mother

The one who asks a question is a fool for five minutes, and whoever does not do it remains a fool forever.

Chinese proverb

Selected work


  • 97%
The bubble? Investment is a drug? Startups as externalization tools for Research Design? What purpose do cooperative accelerators serve?

Economy of knowledge

  • 95%
What is it? How can it transform us? How can we manage it?Entrepreneurial ecosystems? Is the socratic method applicable?

Knowledge management

  • 92%
Artificial Intelligence? What is it? Collective Artificial Intelligence? What does biomimicry teach us? Do Psychometrics work?

CEO and Founder
at Zapiens.

I am learning the importance of going further and constantly evolving — hence Blunder being born and evolving to Zapiens. A mission/vision much more complete, our mission: awaken the true potential of questions…to do this we are creating the first corporate brain based on Artificial Intelligence.

CEO and Founder
at Freehouse

I founded the Freehouse, the house of entrepreneurs, where I continue to learn the importance of ecosystems

at Betterplace.

I invested in the data geolocation company Betterplace, where I learned the importance of the founders

Founder and shareholder
at Xteach.

I co-founded the Xteach e-learning platform, where I learned to be a minority partner.



Walking through the mountains, the open air, the lakes, waterfalls, the green of nature that makes me connect with life.

Read and write

Discover the knowledge on every page of any book and fill the mind with ideas. Write my thoughts and then take them to practice.

About me

Daniel is from Somiedo, an Econologist, passionate to create and improve the environment around him.

He invested and created the first organic company builder in Spain (freehouse.es)

He Worked as a virus of change and teacher the top firms He research about "knowledge, managementm, and tribes!" He loves to swim in the river, and plant his own food!